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Teachers and pupils will get hands on ‘learning by doing’. Teachers will be equipped with all the necessary support material such as power points, lesson plans, risk assessments and pupils worksheets that will compliment the kit provided for the chosen activity. Schools could kick-start or deepen stem engagement through one of the different options...

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Within the community there is a growing awareness of science and engineering and the interest and fun that this provides for children and families. STEM Aware facilitates workshops at many community events and also creates and delivers its own community events.

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Keep up to date with all that is going on at STEM Aware through current engagement of STEM Aware in schools and the community.

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Want to book an event with STEM Aware for your school, community group or business? Get in touch with us to arrange your next STEM event, we will work with you to diesign the event in line with your curriculm and organsations goals.